Monday, 4 June 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Are Hell and Heaven real?

Heaven and Hell on Earth.

I don't believe in separate Heaven or Hell.

I remember my elders teaching me that if someone sins in this life, then they will be fried in oil in Hell. After being blessed with little bit of consciousness by GOD I realized RNA is Soul.

So, if a human sinner dies then his ashes are merged into rivers. These ashes are consumed by fish. These fish give birth to other fish which can have the RNA of the sinner. Fishermen catch the fish with sinner RNA and your mom fries them in the kitchen before serving it as a delicious meal to you. Later this fish can be given birth by you and he can live like a human in Heaven in this reincarnation for he washed away his sins by being a fish and punished. That is why our ancient Hindu scriptures say that it is pious to merge the ashes of the Dead in River Ganges for their sins are washed away. By the way, these merged ashes even enrich vegetation with the water from rivers.