Fall in love with Fallov!

Fall in love with Fallov!

Today, I am glad to inform my well-wishers across the globe that my firm FALLOV INTERNET (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated today. Thank you, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India, and the cleartax Team for handling it smoothly.

Technology has shrunk The Planet into a Global Village. One can reach anybody on the other side of The Planet using social media but how many of us have friendly relations with our neighbors? Fallov Team felt to fill this gap and came up with a solution where users can chat using audio/video with neighbors having similar interests for FREE. Fallov doesn't store chat sessions to ensure 100% privacy along with security and reliability.

We are currently in the process of testing our App. Fallov will be available to the general public from November 2019. Looking forward to your kind patronage. Come, fall in love with Fallov powered by Interserver.



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