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My fundamental beliefs.


  • Knowledge is Power in this Information Age, but don't forget Knowledge without morals is useless. Immoral people are bound to pay a heavy price in the Future.
  • Trust is valuable than business. If you lose trust then you lose customers and your business will be lost.
  • Always be strong in core fundamentals before being an expert.
  • Never forget your roots and remember the entire world exists because of our ancestors.
  • Don't preach but be a good example to others.
  • Sharing knowledge is useful for refining knowledge.
  • Time gone is time lost and no money on Earth can buy it, so enjoy every moment of it.
  • Always perform your duty with the best of your abilities and leave the result to the Almighty.
  • GOD created this Creation for us to enjoy so just surrender to Him by being grateful to Him every moment you are happy and remember Him when you are sad for He never leaves us.
  • The world might be against me when I am righteous and the world is wrong but The Creators are with me because they know that The Almighty Creation will collapse if the system has an Evil 'virus' in it.
  • The whole world might think that it is fooling me but it is the world that is ultimately getting fooled that I am being fooled. Nobody is a winner when they fool each other because the world doesn't know how much good I wanted to do to the world.
  • Ultimately, what you give is what you get. Indians call it 'Karma'.


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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