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Importance of Teachers.

I heard this from Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu on TV. He said 'If GOD gets angry with you then a Teacher can save you, but if the Teacher gets angry with you not even GOD can save you.' Got me! Every teacher wants his/her student to rise above him. A teacher is sometimes more than one's parents so keep this in mind always for s/he teaches you so many lessons for you to live a better life. If one prostrates before a teacher wholeheartedly s/he will be blessed with the knowledge of the teacher. I experienced this myself when I emailed my prostrations to USN Murthy. I strongly believe a true teacher has no bias for his students for s/he loves all her/his students equally.

I have no caste feeling or regional feeling. All I want from Indians is to forget about caste, religion or region and live like Humans. GOD bless All.

BTW, only a good student can become a good teacher. Thank you, my Gurus!!!

A ruler is respected only in his kingdom but a knowledgeable person will be re…

Producer-consumer problem in Multiverse!

Plants produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. The rest do the opposite. See, how cleverly Creators created this Producer-consumer problem for mutual existence. The consumer cannot exist without the Producer. The producer will not have Space (buffer) for produce without produce being consumed! This is a very very important concept which can be seen in every aspect of life. Businesses (Producer) cease to exist without customers (Consumer). One who understands this concept well can bring balance to The Global Economy and The Divided Nations. Nations which explore solutions to their Citizen's problems from this angle will flourish like anything. Go ahead! I am the producer of ideas and you are free to consume :)

My beautiful LOVE Story!

Yes, I convey to the public that this post is my true love story.

It was in 1992 that our family was invited by our relatives for their daughter's ceremony. I was a very timid guy being a Virgo but I was a very righteously naughty person. My sixth sense while traveling to her place gave me indications that I might fall in love with this girl. I saw her in her ceremony video recording non-stop and how can I guy like me stop falling in love with such a beautiful girl. She was too pretty and adorable to her family members. I felt stealing her photo but didn't then. At that time I felt it might pass away. Unfortunately, the love for Her still exists because no girl helped me in forgetting her. My ex-wife was so good that she allowed me to talk about her and praise her. I realized her worth now but it is too late.

Coming back to the flashback ;) I worshipped my first love like a Goddess and started writing her name on books. I didn't then notice that such dedication will cost …

1999's history is being repeated in The US after 20 years.

There are very interesting dissimilarities between The US and India. Let me list them below- The US achieved freedom by fighting with valor 200+ years back whereas India achieved freedom by non-violence movement after suffering for 400+ years under British rule.India had its own culture and traditions which go back in time Before Christ and was very advanced then. The US had Red Indians when Colombus discovered and they are all extinct now.Indians still survived and are slowly adopting Western culture. The US is actually a land of immigrants and that is the reason they prospered.A lot of Indians migrated to many foreign countries. Americans rarely migrate to foreign countries.The US is a developed Nation. India is a developing Nation.In India, a celebrity can evade the law in spite of doing an offense, fraud, crime or any illegal activity. In the US it is just the opposite. Got me! In India, an ordinary person will be fined if s/he violates the law and a celebrity is excused even for …

'Bachelor Uncle' plays video games.

He is supposed to have kids who play video games. Unfortunately, he is still a Bachelor. I don't know who that lucky girl is. I wish he ties a knot to a girl as soon as possible so that our men's competition for girls will be a bit reduced. This guy is very competitive :) I beg Sonia Gandhi to help our men in this matter.

Why did senior Congress Politicians do corruption in the name of Gandhis? I remember it was them who stopped Sonia Gandhi from becoming PM just because she was from Italy. They are such unethical politicians that they named her Central Command and did many scams without her notice on the name of Gandhis. Rahul Gandhi is wise and matured enough to quit Congress. I wish Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, and Maneka Gandhi all the best. Happy Diwali.

Diwali wishes!

Every man wants Salman Khan to get married. No girl wants Salman Khan married to another girl. What to do?
Wishing Happy Diwali to All including our eligible bachelor Salman Khan.
I pray to GOD for Salman to fulfill our men's wish.

Global Humanism Achievable by Christmas, 2019.

No banks. (Thus no poverty!)No borders. (Thus no war!)No religions. (Thus no hatred!)Adam and Eve didn't have banks, borders and religion but they still led a very happy life followed by our Stone Age Men and Women. Some cunning crooks have ruined our society for their selfish motives of power, wealth and sex due to their excessive greed. Do you dream of our future generations to survive by buying oxygen? Let us stop making rich richer, power a superpower,  poor much poorer and weak much weaker. Live and let everyone live.
The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.