My beautiful LOVE Story!

A true love story.

Yes, I convey to the public that this post is my true love story.

It was in 1992 that our family was invited by our relatives for their daughter's ceremony. I was a very timid guy being a Virgo but I was a very righteously naughty person. My sixth sense while traveling to her place gave me indications that I might fall in love with this girl. I saw her in her ceremony video recording non-stop and how can I guy like me stop falling in love with such a beautiful girl. She was too pretty and adorable to her family members. I felt stealing her photo but didn't then. At that time I felt it might pass away. Unfortunately, the love for Her still exists because no girl helped me in forgetting her. My ex-wife was so good that she allowed me to talk about her and praise her. I realized her worth now but it is too late.

Coming back to the flashback ;) I worshipped my first love like a Goddess and started writing her name on books. I didn't then notice that such dedication will cost my career and life in the near future. As the girl made me fall in true love I became a gentleman and stopped doing mischief. I became a good student and become a University topper because of my dedication to her. Everything was going smoothly until her parents' marriage proposal to me was avoided because I didn't disclose my love for her. They even sent our close relatives to convince my mom but I imitated SRK and simply cried secretly. The same year I started my career after my mom disapproved of our marriage proposal. My mom was not informed that I cannot live without her because I myself was not aware of it then. Then a chain of bad luck entered my life and my career was ruined by workplace politics. I quit that employer and soon my love got married to another person. Suddenly, I felt lost and as part of ill-luck, I was stalked by my first employer for some unknown reasons. After that, I flew to the US with the hope that I might recover but the situation got much worse. I soon returned back to India because I missed my parents within six months. Fortunate or unfortunate, I purchased a new HONDA CIVIC just before returning back to India which made me go back to the US. I went back to the US to pay my loan so that it won't become a burden for me in the future. The next year was awesome due to my boss's care and my roommates' care. I was pampered a lot then but sometimes I used to miss my first love whenever I was lonely.

Now let me tell you how a Russian spy might have fucked me when I was sleeping. This was a suspense that I didn't reveal to anyone from India. One fine day my roommate planned an outing for me to Boston downtown. We reached a metro station in his car and we're sitting on a bench. Suddenly, a car stopped in the parking lot with a Russian blonde and she threw her panty away from the car to get my notice. I told my friend that she was making some signals to me. He outright denied that and said I was having hallucinations. As we were getting into the station the Russian lady walked in front of us and I was simply mesmerized by this bold beauty. I was smiling. She traveled along with us in the same cabin. Later I and my friend got down into Boston downtown we roamed around for some time and then we enjoyed a great dinner in a good restaurant. To my surprise, this lady was waiting for us in the return journey. Again she traveled with us in the same cabin and started abusing America. I enjoyed watching her secretly in the glass. She was really very beautiful. We returned home and I slept normally that night. Later the next day evening, I was recollecting her and slept. I woke up very late and to my surprise, I found a lot of my sperm all over my pants that too completely dried up. I thought it might be because of a dream. Now, I feel since Russians knew that I might die without having sex in 2002 they arranged this for me. This is how Russia won The Third World War. One must be bold enough to express their love to win their love. I failed in love for I was selfless not that I wasn't bold. I didn't want my mom to know that I am a good person and that I worship my first love. So, kids from this story you learn that if you want something then you have to ask because even your mom doesn't know what you want. Got me! BTW, we guys used to leave our home unlocked because we were in the US, the true democratic country where All are Equal before the law. I don't consider this suspected intrusion of a Russian stranger into my bedroom and giving me sex while sleeping as an offense or rape for I was left unharmed. I never had sex consciously with anybody before my marriage and felt like a perfect bachelor. Stop the blame game. I appreciate that Russian spy for being so boldly beautiful. Thanks to Russia for the LOVE. TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. TRUE LOVE MEANS GIVING BUT NOT TAKING LIVES. I don't want to take names.


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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