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COVID-19's impact on the workforce after the lockdown.

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Hi Everybody,

Good morning!!

As an engineer, I got a chance to work for more than 22 employers to date and have experienced different kinds of situations in the workplace. Most of the time it was pain with gain. I observed that there are two types of labor, namely, physical and intellectual. I will elaborate on it more below.

Physical labor cannot be replaced by most intellectual workforce for various social reasons. Physical labor involves more risk for their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their wages have to be hiked because not many can risk like them and serve society. They are irreplaceable in the near future for their physical presence is required at the work/ household. We have to wait for robots to take over their jobs in the next decade or even earlier. After lockdown, these manual labor must be privileged to work away from home.

Coming to an intellectual job, one can really perform one's duty working from home. Talented employees don't need to visit the office to complete their job. Just like the way e-Commerce evolved there will be new outsourcing of work using e-Workplace, a marketplace with tools for both consultants and clients to collaborate. Last but not the least, intellectual jobs cannot be replaced by AI because that would only end our Human race.

Jai Hind!

Sincerely yours,


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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