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Fallov just got better and faster with Truecaller.


Today, we at Fallov are glad to announce that Fallov has completed the integration of TruecallerSDK to Login/ Sign-up on Fallov with a single tap on the mobile. This feature will not only save us from mobile OTP SMS costs but will also help in making the lives of our users easier by helping them to continue on Fallov by a single tap login.

We experienced extremely friendly and smooth onboarding support from the Truecaller team. We couldn't have accomplished this integration into Fallov so fast without their quick and friendly response. Fallov applauds their efforts wholeheartedly and is grateful for their support.

We sincerely recommend Truecaller SDK for onboarding verified users on your mobile-based platform to every entrepreneur and developer. You can get to know more about the Truecaller SDK here: https://developer.truecaller.com/.

We will keep you posted with the advantages we made because of this integration in the next few weeks.



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